• Senator Matt McCoy

HSB 92 - Limiting cities & counties from enacting a higher minimum wage & LGBT protections

Republicans’ HSB92 will limit cities & counties from enacting a higher $7.25 minimum wage & enacting protections above & beyond Iowa’s civil rights statute. Will Republicans then change our Iowa’s strong civil right’s statute that I help pass in 2007? Republicans continue to attack the LGBT community & Iowa’s working class. Republicans have introduced HSB92 in Local Government. It prohibits cities or counties from establishing a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Additionally disturbing is the provision that specifically prohibits a city or local government from enacting an ordinance or law that’s broader anti-discriminatory practices than what is covered under our current state civil rights act. Republicans always talk about wanting home rule and local government control, but in practice this bill does the exact opposite. We should be fearful that their real intent might be to change Iowa’s strong civil rights statutes which I helped pass in 2007. See full history on HSB92 here

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