• Senator Matt McCoy

Republicans fast-track bill that attacks 180,000+ working class Iowans by gutting collective bargain

Last night thousands of Iowans filled the capitol building to voice their opposition to the collective bargaining legislation. Unfortunately the Republicans in control of the legislature have stopped listening to Iowans. Their plan today is to push HF 291 and SF 213 through both the Iowa House and the Iowa Senate starting at 3:00pm. Every single Democrat will vote NO. You can watch the Senate debate live today starting at 3:00pm HERE!. Please share this email and this link with anyone you think will be interested in this issue. I expect that we will debate late into the night in both chambers. You can watch the Senate debate live from the Statehouse homepage. Here is a link - CLICK HERE! You can watch the House debate live from the Statehouse homepage. Here is a link - CLICK CLICK HERE! Public Employees will see a large scale gutting of their collective bargaining, affecting 180,000+ working class Iowans. Click here to see a summary of the Republican bill. -HSB 92 - Limiting cities & counties from enacting a higher minimum wage & LGBT protections.

Click Here to Read More on HSB 92 -On January 31st, I addressed the Iowa Senate with words from Kevin Briggs, Principal at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. See Full Transcripts & Video HERE!: It speaks to the level of compassion and respect that exists in the Des Moines Public Schools. My son, Jack, is a senior at Roosevelt High and has the gift to attend one of Des Moines’ finest public schools and despite lack of resources, our schools continue to produce outstanding results because of the faculty, staff, and administration that are currently under attack by Republicans who have gutted the right for them to bargain for healthcare, benefits, and salary.

-Not long ago, Republicans fast-tracked a bill in the Iowa Senate to Defund Planned Parenthood. The bill went through subcommittee, full standing committee, and passed out of the senate in less than a week’s time. SF2 is now in the Iowa House where it will go through the committee process this week.

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