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2017, A Year in Review

McCoy For Iowa on Facebook (23,000+ Likes, Reached 3.7M people in 2017) McCoy for Iowa on Twitter (3,000+ Followers, Reached 790K people in 2017)

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Ever since the 2016 election, our nation has seen a strong resurgence of grassroots organizing and calls to action. On a more local level, Republicans gained majorities in the Iowa Senate, giving them the trifecta—The Iowa House, Senate and governor’s office. The 2017 legislative session was fraught with attacks on women, Iowa’s working class families, our schools, and more. Senate Republicans took unprecedented steps to stifle debate. But what they can’t do is stifle our voices. Our progressive message is reaching more people than any elected official in Iowa, because of YOU. We want to continue to build on this momentum, but we need your help.

Could you contribute $3 today to help our message reach more people in all corners of the state? As 2018 session convenes in a month, Republicans could consider slashing IPERS, create private school vouchers devastating Iowa’s public schools, and tax cuts for the well-off at the detriment to services for Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens. I’m on the frontline fighting for you at the Statehouse. I did it in 2017 and will do so in 2018. But I can’t do this without you. It's time we #TakeBackIowa in 2018!

By donating today, you are helping me continue to reach hundreds of thousands of progressive Iowans each day. Through our digital efforts in 2017, we've reached more Iowans than any other State OR Federal Legislator, including Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst. We hit the ground running in January and haven't let off the gas. We continue our work online, communicating with Iowans here and my district in Central Iowa, to the far reaches of the state and beyond. Through social media alone, we've grown from reaching 1,500 people each month to more than 750,000 PER WEEK. Communication is key for any organization, and in 2018, it will be more vital than ever. Your donations help our campaign stay at the forefront of social media channels around the state, keeping those Iowans in the loop with what both their leaders here in Iowa are doing as well as leaders across the nation.

My name is Matt McCoy and I need your help! Let's keep growing. Let's keep talking. And let's #TakeBackIowa in 2018! Please donate $3 to help continue my efforts to #TakeBackIowa.

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