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Session Convenes Today, Public Forum Recap, Survey Results

I asked, you answered! Here’s the results of the pre-session survey. I value input from constituents and Iowans as I head back to the Statehouse on Today. Below are the results:

Top Responses for Q9

  • Provide more inpatient substance abuse facilities.

  • The opioid crisis is devastating to Iowans and will be a bigger problem if it's not addressed.

  • Increase control of prescriptions to opioid medications and provide more oversight on these medications.

  • Reverse privatization of Medicaid.

  • We need to be willing to fund the necessary programs & provide needed beds.

  • This should be a priority, both at the local and state level.

  • We need to attract and retain psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, etc.

  • Iowa is ranked dead last nationally on providing adequate resources to meet the needs of those needing mental health support.

  • Schools and police face this challenge on a daily basis, but have no way to direct those with mental health challenges to people and places that can help them. Training for law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals to recognize and respond appropriately.

  • More resources in schools for youth and teens to prevent long term problems.

  • Health insurance should cover mental health services.

  • Reopen closed mental health facilities.Better reimbursement for mental health providers.

  • Create regional inpatient facilities across Iowa, focusing on rural areas where the need is high and resources are scarce.

  • Awareness, destigmatization, prevention, early intervention & treatment—for every age and socioeconomic situation.

This week, I held a public forum to discuss the upcoming 2018 Legislative Session Here is the Video from the Live Feed.


"During the 2017 legislative session, Republicans rushed bills through committees, passage through the Iowa Senate and House and signed by the governor in a few days’ time. I plan to keep Iowans up to date in realtime about legislative action at the capitol. It’s important to remain active and vigilant over the next 4 months and continue to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Speak up and let your voice be heard. This is the year we #takebackiowa.” —Senator Matt McCoy, Senate District 21

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