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Matt’s Knocked 625 Doors!

Since his announcement nearly a month ago, he’s spent every weekend at the doors, speaking one-on-one with voters on the Southside.

Rain🌧, sleet🌨, or snow❄️—that didn’t stop Matt from knocking on doors every weekend since his announcement. To date, he’s personally knocked on 625 doors on the Southside of Des Moines (which doesn’t include the hundreds of doors knocked by volunteers).

He knows that he can’t do this alone. He needs your help. Will you chip in $6.25 to this grassroots campaign?


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, Matt will need help door knocking. Will you join our campaign and knock doors with Matt?


Two hours a week talking to your neighbors and other democrats in Des Moines makes all the difference.

DAY OF ACTION THIS SATURDAY! It looks to be a Sunny Saturday with 50 degree temps! WHAT: Knock Doors with Matt (Coffee & Doughnuts included!) WHEN: This Saturday, March 3rd TIME: 9:30am (or whenever you can make it) HOW LONG: Shifts are 2 hours. WHY: Matt has knocked hundreds of doors, but he can’t do this alone. Come help Matt meet with neighbors one-on-one on bringing a fresh voice and bold leadership to the local level Let us know when you can make it by your RSVP below: PLEASE RSVP HERE Here is a Facebook event with further details FACEBOOK EVENT INFORMATION

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