• Matt McCoy

Meet Helen Clay - Polk County Resident

Helen Clay - a resident of Des Moines, residing in the same home for 40+ years has given a lot to our community.

As a former state employee - who was unfortunately injured on the job, Helen was forced to take retirement 17 years earlier than originally planned. At her home in Central Des Moines, Helen has been the primary care giver for more than 75 foster children, as well as 5 children she adopted on her own. Currently she is raising her teenage granddaughter, who has lived with her since she was just 8 months old.

Like many disabled Iowans, Helen too has had her struggles. She has actually refinanced her home 3 separate times in order to afford the upkeep and necessary renovations. This time last year, Helen paid off her home, again, but has since found herself unable to fulfill much needed improvements inside and outside her home.

Helen has been living with a fixed income of social security disability, and just recently went on full social security. With her poor health, limited mobility and income, Helen was in dire need of assistance.

Kimberly Hansen, the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines, and her team of volunteers from Wells Fargo answered the call.

For more information on Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines, please visit:


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