• Matt McCoy

Our Democracy is Now in Hospice

The Republican-controlled United States Senate has failed the American people.

Our government shifted from a system of checks and balances to an unlimited expansion of Presidential and Executive Power, the likes of which our nation has never seen.

The system of checks and balances in government was developed to ensure that no one branch of government would become too powerful. The framers of the U.S. Constitution built a system that divided power among the three branches of the U.S. government—legislative, executive and judicial—and includes various limits and controls on the powers of each branch. Up until now, the system of checks and balances has functioned as it was intended, ensuring that the three branches operate in balance with one another. But after this historic week of Senatorial dodging of responsibilities, our nation will forever be changed to “unlimited power of the Presidency" — expanded to provide blanket immunity for commission of crimes.

Trump's corruption knows no boundaries, as his mobster-like attorneys made absurd arguments which failed to address the official charges of Misuse of Presidential Power and Obstruction of Congress. If you follow the reasoning of the Trump attorneys, America can be defined as a "Banana Republic."

In 2016, the nation's popular vote was overlooked by the electoral college and we were recipients of a "white elephant" Christmas present in Donald J. Trump. Fast forward to January 31st, 2020. Democracy is dying in America. Tonight, our Democratic Republic will be moved to hospice. The year 2020 may be the last free election that our country will ever see. Given the new extreme immunity President Trump has been granted by a complacent Republican United States Senate, foreign interference will likely be coordinated out of the Oval Office in the White House.

A fish rots from the head. The 2020 Republican Senators shall forever be remembered as the collaborators who cheered as democracy died.

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